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Audison bit Tune is a comprehensive tool for car audio technicians committed to delivering great sound. The bit Tune incorporates a suite of acoustic and electrical test and measurement functions, as well as sophisticated automated processes supported by Audison bit processors. Whether you prefer automated or manual system tuning, the bit Tune includes every tool needed!

The Audison team’s commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in bit Tune 3.1, which now enables technicians to detect and capture the most complex OEM processing and to confirm its successful reversal in OEM integration projects. Analysis of electrical audio signals up to 1000V, in resolution up to 1/48th octave, and with the option to sum signals together and compare the results, lets technicians ensure any delay or phase processing is detected. This has become an essential step in sound-system calibration, to prevent wasted time and effort in tuning a modified signal set. The bit Tune kit includes all required input cables for measuring electrical signals. Confirming both electrical polarity and acoustic polarity are supported as well.

In the acoustic domain, bit Tune 3.1 incorporates multiple-microphone spatial averaged measurements in under 60 seconds. HSM Sweep, using the Head Replacement Microphone array (a standard component of the bit Tune kit that supports microphone setup in under 30 seconds), is unique in its ability to quickly and easily deliver the most relevant measurement data for the sound-system tuner. The new tuning-curve options, high-resolution graphs, measurement quantification tools, and Save and Load dataset-handling functions provide the seasoned system tuner with everything needed for the most advanced tuning projects.

The bit Tune also includes automated one-button setting of speaker delays, as well as automatic equalization and level setting, for technicians looking for accelerated delivery of tuned systems.

In conjunction with Virtuoso 3.0, bit Tune and Mobile Phase Correction combine to deliver the highest-performance automatically-tuned results in-car audio. The Percept digital room correction engine – developed specifically for automotive cabins – uses FIR digital filters to correct the phase and the amplitude according to your desired target response – in minutes.

Of course, even if automated processes are used, all adjustments are still available to the technician for fine-tuning for the individual client and vehicle. Only personal interpretation and experience can achieve what a machine could never do: create Your Sound!

Electrical RTA (OEM Integration)

Supports the Speaker inputs.

  • Test the signal on the speaker wires
    • Confirm low-bass content in subwoofer-adds
    • Test bass content at various volume levels
    • For full-range systems, confirm signal range and number of channels required
  • Compare two speaker wires:
    • Is polarity correct?
    • Does the OEM system use delay?
    • Does the OEM system have phase processing?
    • Which wiring polarity works best I use when I sum?
  • Signal voltage
    • Determine if you need a high-voltage LOC to handle 20V+ subwoofer channels
    • Prevents product failures
    • Determine if you should use RCA or speaker level inputs
    • Confirm your results before tuning
  • Acoustic Measurement (Tuning)
    • Large graph display
    • Check polarity of the speakers
    • Measure the sound in the car cabin
    • Higher-resolution RTA for detailed low-frequency response information
    • Spatial Averaging of multiple microphones eliminates artifacts
    • Target Curve support speeds tuning
    • Ability to Save measurements
    • The ability to Load saved measurements and display them at the same time as live measurements
    • Select any point on the graph and confirm exact dB and Frequency values
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Test Track
Tech. features


  Sensitivity Bandwith

max ± 100 V pp

20 kHz


max ± 100 V pp

20 kHz


max ± 1000 V pp

20 kHz

1 x HSM microphone
1 x LMP microphone


2 x Analog Pre Out


2 x Analog Hi-Level Out

5.5 V RMS

1 x Digital Optical Out

S/PDIF Max 192 kHz / 24 bit



W x H x D (mm / in.)

490 x 390 x 160 / 19.21 x 14.92 x 6.29

Weight (kg / lb.)

4,1 / 9.03

bit Tune unit:
W x H x D (mm / in.)

232 x 165 x 51 / 9.13 x 6.49 x 2

Weight (kg / lb.)

1,24 / 2.73


Auto tuning by Audison bit Tune and communication with bit Drive portal.

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